Paraziții dalszöveg - HU Des paraziti angolul

Des paraziti angolul

I entered life just like I entered the whorehouse.

des paraziti angolul gyógyszerek a férgek nevére

Well, bravo! I went in with "Good day, madam!

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The message matters in our music, brains and ears, This is new rap, too, but it sounds old school. I'd jam with peace but I don't have any, I jam with hate so you understand That this is rap from the street corner in Bucharest.

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We need to change something, be sure of that, 'Cause otherwise we'll all be eating spoons with a fork. We believed in these guys when we voted for them, But it's just like when you drink liquid and get dusted.

Life teaches me to mind my business, but I can't, I was supposed des paraziti angolul make a living, but I'm still on the street corner. I burn it without pretension, I say it for connoisseurs, I'm not a great singer, but you're not great listeners either.

des paraziti angolul hogyan kell dörzsölni szemölcsök eltávolítás után

Some live through the music, others kill it, Tears of wax are flowing down when you fuck it des paraziti angolul. Don't sell us bullshit, the stage lifts you up and puts you down, Paraziții in concert on your mother's stairway! It's good that Cheloo is putting some frankincense on Raffle, tombola, lottery etc.

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For example, many producers of beverages in Romania sometimes organize raffles where you buy a bottle of beverage and check what it says on the inside of the a phanerogamicus paraziták meghatározása cap, to see if you won a prize.

Combinations, associations, arrangements.

des paraziti angolul hogy megjavítsa férgét

It can even refer to various scams and swindles. Generally, it should be interpreted as the easy route to usually undeserved instant success.

des paraziti angolul szívféreg gyógyszer maca

The outro is a short skit about the funeral of Romanian rap music. The whole song "Tears of wax" is actually a critique of the current "rap" music scene in Romania, where many young artists have become popular by making a weird combination of trap, pop, dance, house plus some other music genres, with shallow lyrics devoid of any message or meaning, then by calling it "rap" or "hip-hop".